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i am a free spirited, creative person who is passionate about art in all forms. i attended the n.c. school of the arts for high school and graduated with a degree in visual arts. i then attended virginia commonwealth university and received a b.f.a in fashion design. opportunity has allowed me to teach both on a professional level. after a brief stint teaching art in peace corps, ghana, i returned to the states and had several careers in product design, art instruction, costume design, quilting and fashion design. i am mompreneur of five wonderful sons ages 6-14. my daily joy comes from creating new artwork, writing poetry, baking, reading, tea and a mean game of scrabble. it is my intention to be an ambassador for joy! 


creativity pulses through my veins and seeps out of my pores. as far back as i can remember i have been driven to create. there is something very enticing about taking one thing and transforming it into something else. it began with crayons and pencil and evolved to fabric, paint, plaster and ink. for me the process of making art and writing poetry is a wish, a meditation and a prayer all rolled into one. as an artist i am a work in progress...people ask me all the time "what kind of artist are you?". my reply... "an artist who make things...what would you like?" welcome to my imagination! it's a wonderous place to be...


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Photo Credit:

Terrell Clark | Terrell Clark Photography (2013)

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