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We offer a variety of supportive and inclusive services to fit your needs and budget. See what we can offer your vision and transformation journey.


Organizations are challenged to provide a safe, and inclusive environment for the important work of their missions.  Vision and strategy can often overlook this important aspect of groups and how we collaborate effectively.


Consultation offers a new lens for the exploration of barriers and helps to identify challenges in support of providing an inclusive, and healing connection to change. Consultations for leadership and staff development are individualized to your brand and mission.

Grief Coaching & Support

Individual or group grief support is available for those looking for added support for a shared loss or grief issue.  Support offerings are done in person, or via distance.


Support is defined by the client's need, and offers added tools for empowerment, reflection, identity refinement, and memory building.  Contact us for more information.


Culturally resonant and focused therapeutic practice done in a safe, and inviting environment. Therapeutic niche focuses on supporting individuals from 5-85, couples, and families living with loss, anticipatory grief, bereavement support, adjustment issues, anxiety and depression, divorce, parenting and co-parenting issues, women's wellness and empowerment, self-esteem, identity/gender issues, LGBTQIA welcoming, PTSD, ADHD, Mood Disorders, Trauma informed lens, and working with families navigating the autism spectrum.  For more information on practice,  and to make an appointment click here.



See our list of diverse resources in support of providing inclusive, healing  support.




Professional development is an important investment for any business, or mission. Providing a learning environment that is flexible, fun, interactive, responsive, and resonant is our goal. 


Our trainings are specifically tailored to your needs. We offer great tools for promoting competency, mission alignment, strategic communication and connection to goals and strategic change.

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