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What's Happening?!


Train the Trainer

Alesia is eager to share with you a unique vision for grief support. Using experiential and resonant techniques, workshops and presentations illuminate how creativity, dedicated inclusion practices, and worldview can impact your organization's vision for your communities. One-on-One sessions, or organizational culture workshops and retreats are within the scope of our training and workshop offerings. 


The Tapestries narrative, self-evaluation and creative, interactive techniques are used to share ways to engage communities to re-energize your skill sets, and programmatic offerings for supporting young people and families.




Creative Facilitation Boot Camp

 For those short on time, and/or limited funds- this boot camp offers a shortened, but comprehensive format for exploring the Tapestries approach and for solutions to issues in your organization or practice that may be barriers to a more diverse and inclusive client base and range of service.  Creativity boosters, basic facilitation of Tapestries, and community engagement strategies are highlights to this support service.



Community/Agency & Collaboration Support

Designed for the organizations that realize how an intentional approach to serving youth may very well begin with understanding the grief histories and impact of unresolved grief on at-risk behaviors. This is key to making the connection to existing programs and interventions.   We offer consultation and training on how to integrate a focus on loss, and how to support the young people and families in your services that may need extra support on loss issues before they can tackle the work of other presenting issues.  An emphasis on collaborative practice, and how creativity can impact spacific missions beyond grief and loss is a central theme of this support offering.



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